Medium and large tires represent a problem for traditional mechanical disposal systems because they have unique characteristics.

Tyres are born to be indestructible being adopted on the largest and most powerful vehicles in the world that need to exploit tires with extraordinary characteristics.

Not everyone knows that the tires used on mining vehicles called DUMPER can have a diameter of over 4 meters, and the tread is also 180cm wide, reaching a weight of 5.7 tons and ensuring a load capacity of 100 tons each.

This type of tire is made up of approximately 890 kg of steel and 3850 kg of the best quality rubber, enough to produce more than 600 car tires.

Pneus Jet Recycling, with its patented system, is able to handle this type of tire without difficulty, carefully separating the tire rubber from the steel, obtaining two products with a significant market value being fully reusable and which will contribute to not polluting the our planet.

With the appropriate devices, our patented system can crumbling and treat also metal and rubber tracks, solid wheels for special uses and tires for aviation.

We want to emphasize that we can do all this through a clean system that does not affect water, soil and air in any way.


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